Theatrum Anatomicum (special edition)

Oey Tjeng Sit

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A parade of surreal linocuts by Boekie Woekie founder Oey representing organic-looking objects (or perhaps objectified organs) accompanied by text fragments in English, French, Dutch and German by J.A.M.Mathijsen, who also provided the introduction, the images — described by Mathijsen as the result of Oey’s “[p]aranatomical and pathafysical reconnoitrings” — are presented in way reminiscent of medieval bestiaries where strange creatures are accompanied by even stranger descriptions.

Cloth-bound hardcover with foil-blocked detail and lettering, 29,5 x 27,5 cm, 64 not numbered pages, special edition signed (by Oey and Mathijsen) and numbered/26, with a signed and numbered/26 print, Amsterdam 1969