This Clock Before It Existed

Róbertsson, Smári

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published on the occasion of an exhibition at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam: “a subtle but powerful intervention by the Icelandic artist Smári Róbertsson (Vestmannaeyjabær, 1992). Every minute, the hand of the clock turns back 24 hours, until past the moment that the clock was created by sculptor Jurriaan Westerman: the year 1724. The artist literally unwinds the clock as a way of transforming it to reflect on time, space and your physical presence. It isn’t very easy to spot but once the clock catches your eye, it is hard to look away”, in the present publication Smári “reflects on the unwinding of the clock”, using Icelandic Sagas and folk tales to illustrate his point, accompanied by b/w drawings, spiral-bound, 20 x 27,5 cm, 92 not numbered pages, Amsterdam 2019