Threads Talk Series

Clay, Steve + Kyle Schlesinger (Eds.)

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Threads, a series of talks devoted to the art of the book, includes poets, scholars, artists, and publishers. It explores and enriches relationships between various strands of book culture that are often approached in isolation—poetry and writing, visual and performing arts, collaboration, design, printing, independent publishing, literary history, critical theory, and material culture.

The talks were originally recorded before a small studio audience at Granary Books, then made available to the public on PennSound, and are now collected here in written form.

Threads began in Mar. 2009 and concluded in Oct. 2012. A total of 12 speakers participated”.

Talks on various aspects of books given by Alan Loney, Charles Alexander, Simon Cutts, Buzz Spector, Jerome Rothenberg, Cecilia Vicuna, Jen Bervin, Kathleen Walkup, Johanna Drucker, Keith Smith, Richard Minsky, and Emily McVarish, illustrated with full-colour photographs, cover image by Buzz Spector, design by Diane Bertolo

Soft cover, 23 x 15 cm, 186 pages, New York City Victoria 2016