Tree Paintings

Kessels, Erik

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“In this collection, Kessels showcases his original pictures (only the second time he's done so), allowing readers to see the world through his eyes.

Here, his images are of trees marked for destruction by loggers.

Each close-up is of a trunk spray painted with a letter, cross or similar icon. What's striking is the amount of variation within these simple tags, how each ‘artist’ stamps the tree with his own unique mark. The overall impression is eerie, as of a strange outdoor gallery lost in the wilderness.”

Man meets nature in this series of 18 reproduced colour photographs showing trees bearing a wide variety of spray-paint tags signifying their doom, stapled, 22,5 x 17 cm, 20 not numbered pages, ed/500, (Amsterdam) 2009

ISBN: 978-90-70478-26-1