Uniformagazine Nr.10

Sackett, Colin (Ed.)

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die wiese herman de vries & susanne de vries | Terms (2) Tom Benson | Middlefield Ian Waites | The Observer Anon. Stells Helen Douglas & Telfer Stokes | Fictions: Arp Adam Scovell | Echo / 0,0000000001mm Heinz Gappmayr | Broadcasts from the Edge of the Horizon: The Beacon Volkhardt Müller & Dawn Scarfe

With this tenth issue, Uniformagazine’s quarterly structure of sequence, and direction, the gathering and grouping of content, has now become an almost habitual activity of attempt and demonstration, in each instance informed by what has gone before. The issues so far don’t exactly amount to a regular accumulation, not in a linear sense, but maybe an expanding whole, the parts placed at the edge of something that is gradually defining its own limits.

As well as articles and extracts to do with current Uniformbooks, for the most part invitations and proposals, content is very often borrowed, or commandeered. Edited piecemeal from varied sources, including information located online via blog or tweet, it has become another variant of the plain and ongoing form of the printed pamphlet, page by page, and issue by issue“, issue 10 of this publisher’s magazine, stapled, 21,5 x 15 cm, 32 pages, Axminster 2017

ISSN 2056-6301