Uniformagazine Nr.2

Sackett, Colin (Ed.)

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Thurne: Squint David Matless | A Tips Alphabet Stephen Duncalf | The Green Man Ronald Johnson | Beginning and ending with trains on a table Steve Roden | Transmitter Masts Theo Simpson | Field Signals Angus Carlyle & Chiara Caterina | CapitalNY @CaptialNY | In House Publishing @Unpublishedwork | Bridge/Tunnel Colin Sackett

Uniformbooks published two titles last year, both by American writers, and both about distinct places: one locative and delineating, the other temporal and overflowing. Living Locally by Erica Van Horn selects entries from a daily journal about rural life in Tipperary; in plain words it makes remarkable what might otherwise have gone unrecorded. After nearly forty years the lyrics and images of Peter Blegvad’s Kew. Rhone. are exhumed piecemeal: “this delightful book, full of wit, pictures and Blegvad’s densely literary considerations, sprouting thickets of footnotes” (Clive Bell, The Wire 372).

The first book of 2015 will be a new edition of The Book of the Green Man, the forgotten English nature poem of the 1960s by Ronald Johnson. In the spring we will publish The Regional Book, by the cultural geographer David Matless, descriptions of locations in the Broads of East Anglia; and Unshelfmarked, an interpretation of the artists’ book by Michael Hampton.

We are working with the composer Claudia Molitor on Sonorama a book to accompany her soundwork for the train journey from St Pancras to Margate, as well as Emmanuelle Waeckerle’s Reading (Story of) O, in parallel English and French texts.

Later in the year we will publish a book with Stephen Willats about living in social housing in England since the 1970s, photographs and interviews made by the artist with residents about their private and communal environments. Other books are in progress with John Bevis, Angus Carlyle, Cathy Lane; the third issue of Uniformagazine will be available in May.”

Issue 2 of this publisher’s magazine, stapled, 21,5 x 15 cm, 32 pages, Axminster 2015

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