Uniformagazine Nr.6

Sackett, Colin (Ed.)

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A Downland Index Angus Carlyle | TCP Les Coleman | Aggregate Colin Sackett | Hashkerville Stuart Mugridge | Artificial Rubbish Heap John Bevis | Journey-Book Michael Gibbs | Some Ironmongery Erica Van Horn | Why Listen to Museums? John Kannenberg | A Little Chantr’y for Spring Stephen Duncalf | TCP Les Coleman | Book Things Jeremy Cooper | Google Landscapes Tom Wilkinson

To say that Uniformbooks is a publishing house is precisely correct. The history of publishing, and printing, has been importantly one of location and often in the most basic form, of residing. This small terraced house is laid out conventionally room-by-room, but for one on the first floor being used exclusively as an office. Books are produced, stored, distributed, and in principle sold, ‘off-site’, while the preparation of the content and the formatting is done in-house, the means of communication—the discussion of detail and process—has become increasingly varied. These circumstances are wholly different than say, fifty years ago, when exchanges would have been either by letter or by telephone. Now, connection and content can be got from anywhere in the world, with no handicap for distance, and dialogues are made via networks of similarities, either global or next door.

Our next title will be John Bevis’s definitive study of the pioneering natural history photographers The Keartons: Inventing nature photography, illustrated throughout with their original images. The first essay in this issue, by Angus Carlyle, reflects on the sequence of one hundred short runs that comprise A Downland Index, which will be out in early summer. Other projects in progress include a new book in collaboration with geographers Hannah Neate and Ruth Craggs which will highlight the diversity of current responses to modernist architecture; a survey of the work of Michael Gibbs whose activities included poetry, performance, film, and publishing, and his immersion in what he called “a genuinely ‘underground’ culture… which owed nothing to the official art establishment”; and a book with the sound poet and performance artist Nathan Walker from his residency in June at the Armitt Museum in Cumbria.”

Issue 6 of this publisher’s magazine, stapled, 21,5 x 15 cm, 32 pages, Axminster 2016

ISSN 2056-6301