Urban Matters

Tirtiaux, Adrien

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“Urban Matters is the 4th Volume about the architectural and urban experiments by Belgium artist Adrien Tirtiaux:

‘These days I tend to say I am a ‘sculptur’. Everybody knows what a sculptor is and can easily imagine the matter in their hands, fantasizing over bizarre objects carved in stone, modelled in clay, cast in bronze or assembled in steel. From this point, it becomes easier to explain that these ways of sculpting can also apply to exhibition spaces, to buildings in the city, or even to people's habits and desires. The materials might recur from one project to another, but each project requieres a specific answer to a sipmple question: what is the matter?’”

a series of photographs and sketsches of art works with a focus on materiality that blur the boundaries between sculpture and architecture, comes with a booklet of notes, comments and an essay by Sara Weyns (stapled, 21 x 15 cm, 24 not numbered pages), hard cover, 31 x 23,5 cm, 64 pages, ed/500, Antwerp 2018