Urlaub Von Zu Hause

Fischer, Stefan

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“Perhaps, the impression of unexcited elegance inherent to Stefan Fisher’s photographic works relates to that which lies between the light source and the receptor layer, i.e. what the artist considers worthy of being photographed. The pictures reveal the streets and vacant lots in a world where pedestrians and cars still lead a peaceful coexistence. Sparkling airborne dust resembles sand swirled up from between the paving slabs more than smog; and looking at the wilted rose beds, overgrown cobblestones and golden bitumen hues, the viewer is involuntarily reminded of a summer in the city. In an unobtrusively ambivalent way, the title Urlaub Von Zu Hause (holiday from home) pays tribute to these circumstances. This ambiguity is heightened by the possibility of reading the photographs with their glorious aureoles of light as sentimental, quaintly exotic pictures: yet, the notion of a holiday from home also implies the urgent necessity of leaving this place.”

24 offset-printed photographs of all manner of scenes, the pictures show both natural and urban landscapes but always with some sign of human presence; cars parked along the street, a house in a wooded area, flower bushes in a park and graffiti-covered walls in an industrial area; altogether these scenes appear pretty ordinary, things you might encounter on a daily basis, but what makes these photographs more exotic, out of the ordinary or holiday-like is the soft golden light of a low-hanging sun, soft cover, with an introduction, printed on smaller pages, by Tina Schulz and translated by Oliver Kossack, text in German and English, 28,5 x 23 cm, 40 not numbered pages, ed/500, Leipzig 2010

ISBN 978-3-941601-41-3