What Remains And Is To Come A Document

Brown, Katrina + Rosanna Irvine

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a performance using “charcoal, paper, body, breath” documented through photographs, texts and poems describing the process of making art with the aforementioned materials: “The performance is a dynamic activation of material processes between paper, charcoal, bodies and breath. The audience is mobile and invited into the upcloseness of the event. A work-like approach, repetitive action, systematic enquiry and a concern with treating materials not as tools but as equal in the making process are guiding principles in the project”, the result of the performance is a series of full-body impressions left in charcoal dust on the paper, with texts (in English) by Ramsay Burt, Mark Leahy and Ivana Ivković, soft cover, 22 x 14,5 cm, 68 not numbered pages, n.p. n.d.