Word, Action And Risk

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Published on the occasion of an exhibition at Neues Museum Weserburg in Bremen, b/w photographs and reproductions of works by C.P. and texts by Anne Thurmann-Jajes and Cristina Freire:

“[Padín’s] trajectory reveals an effort to overcome the canonical forms of artistic creation and circulation, as well as the limits imposed by the military dictatorships which devastated the Latin-American continent in the years 1960/70. In his works, Padín applies strategies of reproduction and dissemination of information according to technological, social and subjective changes related to the transformations of the artistic communicating circuits.”

Text in German, Spanish and English, stapled, 21 x 15 cm, 47 pages, Kleine Reihe Band 9, Bremen 2010

ISBN: 978-3-928761-84-0