Untitled (Newspaper)

Jóhannsson, Sveinn Fannar

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“As early as 1927, the artist László Moholy-Nagy predicted the illiterates of the future would be those without knowledge of photography. The project Untitled (Newspaper) addresses this issue by emphasizing the complicated relationship between creator, recipient and content. Consisting of archival materials recycled from online news sources over the past two years, the piece orchestrates a new context in which the various photographs can be interpreted separately and together in an unresolved narrative. Printed in the traditional broadsheet newspaper format, Untitled (Newspaper) lowers the pace of the found images and re-presents them as carriers of physical quality, rather than simply pure data. In her 2009 text In Defense of the Poor Image, Hito Steyerl writes: ‘Poor images show the rare, the obvious, and the unbelievable—that is, if we can still manage to decipher it.’”

Collected newspaper images presented outside their original context, red circles have been added to highlight certain parts of the images.

Broadsheet format, 56 x 40 cm, 32 not numbered pages, signed and numbered ed/100, in plasic cover, Berlin 2016 2022