Dropping To The Surface

Kyoungtae, Kim

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on the occasion of a presentation at Seoul exhibition space “Whistle”, the artist “has been converting three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional planes via the focus stacking method, chose cubes as the subject for this exhibition. This scale cube, which is 1cm-long on all sides, is also an object that was used as the standard unit for measuring the size and direction of asteroids at NASA. As Kim said, cubes which ‘by themselves can act as a measurement of size and also influence perspective in terms of their final form’ are presented in flat images of various sizes taken from slightly different perspectives at the exhibition hall. The actual three-dimensional, small, and smooth cube placed at the entrance of the exhibition hall was presented as a series of two-dimensional homogeneous photos, which were taken by having the camera’s focal point draw gradually closer to the subject and automatically combining those parts that are in focus to lose the vanishing point. What is noticeable is that, from this flat and expanded photo of a cube, one becomes able to virtually experience the surface texture that was visually imperceptible. This unrealistic texture is especially pronounced in the work ‘Scale Cube 1P’, which features a cropped photo of a cube. Thinking back on what the artist had said - that ‘focus stacking is similar to how the various aspects of an object perceived by the eye are cognized as a single object by the brain’ - it seems that the exhibition ‘Dropping to the Surface’ would help us to be able to approach the things around us and to better understand their essence.”, soft cover, 26 x 15 cm, 128 pages, (Seoul) 2019