Gapassipi Hljóðrjóður Sound Installation

Pálsson, Magnús

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A BOOK + AUDIO CD documenting an installation of the same name at the newly constructed Reykjavík City Hall near Reykjavík’s central lake, Tjörnin; the installation featured a v-shaped arrangement of glass shards and two loudspeakers playing recordings of Magnús reciting personal anecdotes about Tjörnin as well as a poetic ode to the Greylag Goose, a frequent visitor to the lake, both recitals are performed in so-called ‘p-language’, which is governed by “[t]he rule … that, within a syllable, before any vowel, you add a ‘p’ preceded by the same vowel — Hence, the Icelandic term ‘gassi’ (gander) is transformed into ‘gapassipi’”; the stories and the poetic ode are provided in this publication in both English and Icelandic, these are then accompanied by reproduced photographs, explanatory texts (likewise English and Icelandic) as well as audio recordings, foreword by Adam Buffington, photographs by Frances Cowan, design by Tumi Magnússon

Hard cover, 19,5 x 14 cm, 36 not numbered pages, signed and numbered/200, n.p. 2021