Sólskríkja, Mús. Kengúra Snow Bunting, Mouse, Kangaroo 1980/94

Pálsson, Magnús

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“'North of Korpúlfsstaðir by the mouth of Úlfarsá River, is a drawing of a snow bunting on a grassy bank. In ten days, the snow bunting transforms into a mouse, and in another ten, into a kangaroo.’ This is what Magnús himself said of this work. It was originally created in 1980, but he remade it in 1994, for a retrospective which was held in Kjarvalsstaðir. Originally, he had intended to line the rubbish up to create a beautiful pattern on the slopes, which could be seen from a far, but it ended up as this transformation process. Here, Magnús creates something from nothing.”

Colour photographs of 3 artworks, combinations of sculpture and drawing, as well as several pictures and sketches documenting their creation process, the artist used material from a nearby landfill which he arranged on a hillside resulting in line drawings of animals (both native and foreign to Iceland); these three sculpture-drawings temporarily turn man-made debris, with all its possible negative connotations of pollution and consumerism, into cheerful drawings of animals on the grassy canvas of the hillside, soft cover, 16 x 22 cm, 32 not numbered pages, signed and numbered ed/100, Reykjavík 2019

ISBN: 9979-769-60-2