Insert Coin Here Coin-Operated Devices for the Modern Age

Will, Bill

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“Part of the allure of traditional coin-ops is that they are a little like fast food or snazzy sound bites — quick and easy to consume; amusing, but a short-lived distraction. In Will’s hands, the machines are still mechanical merrymakers, but with the addition of thought-provoking content. As novelties, his coin-ops deliver a bit of welcome world-weary comic relief — tempered by a dose of today’s formidable reality.” – Linda Tesner

Photographs of striking, funny and satirical machines that offer unusual services in exchange for a coin, each machine is accompanied by a brief explanatory text and a QR code allowing readers to see the machines in action, with an introductory essay by Linda Tesner, photographs by Gene Faulkner, book design by John Laursen.

Soft cover, 23 x 17 cm, 98 pages, Portland 2023

ISBN: 978-0-942382-03-7