Rush Print #002 Punctuation;

Kersten, Femke + Sophie van der Sman (Eds.)

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“Rush Print #002 Punctuation; lays its focus on a specific part of typography namely: punctuation. Our main interest in these typographic devices is that they, like typefaces, have the ability to give character to a text. Its typographic shapes are significant and essential for text-based communication, having the power to emphasize pauses, thoughts, ideas, and the tone and emotion of a text. Besides all this, we find it remarkable how even the smallest marks carry the characteristics of a typeface.

When placed in a text, each punctuation mark carries its own meaning and as a reader, we’re taught to understand them. This meaning, along with their visual appearances, has been evolving since the beginning of written text, and is today, with the arrival of the internet and text messaging in constant flux. Because of this we found an interest to delve into its interplay between meaning and shape.”

The Graphic Design students of ArtEZ institute of the Arts sink their teeth into punctuation marks; a collection of drawings, digital art, conversation-style texts, and photographs featuring or consisting of punctuation marks.

Text in English, soft cover, 28 x 17,5 cm, 72 pages, ed/170, Arnhem 2022

ISBN: 9789083264004